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Family Literacy Program at Church of Peace


Spring Forward will manage a family literacy program at Church of Peace in Rock Island Tuesday through Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm, August through July. The program focuses on helping refugee families assimilate into the community by providing much needed literacy education.

Classes are designed to provide English Learners (EL) formal education. Students enrolled in classes are given a pre-test based on their learning level and after 60 hours of classroom instruction, they are post-tested.  This information is kept in the database and staff review the students increase/decrease in test scores.

The program was formerly run by Black img_0024Hawk College but due to state budget cuts, the college was unable to continue offering classes.  Spring Forward picked up the program to further our mission, knowing that many children and families we serve depend on this resource.  Over the past years, the program has seen consistent level gains by the majority of students. Spring Forward will continue to work closely with the EL programs that remain and if a student progresses at a level the instructor feels they can advance, we will transition the student to the Adult Learning Center at Black Hawk College.